Analysis On The Development Process Of China Electric Tricycle

The electric tricycle industry only has developed for a few years time in China, but in such short time it has achieved rapid development and significant progress from scratch and from scattered distribution to a wide range of popularization.

The year 2001 can be said as the initial stage of electric tricycle, as for enterprises that just entering the industry, they constantly groped and explored the road of electric tricycle development. During that stage, electric tricycle had emerged in domestic market; after all, it needs a transitional period for new things. At that time, the industrial electric bike clusters of electric tricycle industry had appeared in Jiangsu, Henan and other areas, which had laid a foundation for rapid development of electric tricycle.

After a few years development, the electric scooter broke out rapidly in 2005; the total sales volume also had obvious change. So the stage can be said the growing stage for electric scooters, and a large number of enterprises ascended into the electric tricycle industry at this stage. The electric tricycle industry, which is in the period of atv growing rapidly, not only benefit for consumers, but also upgrade continuously by using science and technology, new products also emerge in endlessly.

When enterprises become electric bike stronger and larger step by step, they will inevitably encounter problems and bottlenecks. For example, most fitness equipment components must be purchased from other places just because of little quantity enterprises, small single scale and not formed industrial chain; the technological content is low, the good and household items products are intermingled; the electric bike brand awareness is poor, the publicity is not enough and there is no uniform production standards; the funds shortage, deficient expansion pole capacity and some other problems all restrict the development of electric tricycle industry. However, the rapid development of electric tricycle industry has promoted related industries to advance side by side, the electric tricycle components manufacturers also spring up like mushrooms. In order to quickly achieve the concentration and development of electric bikes industry, and integrate production, supply and sale, motors, controllers, chargers, aluminum wheels, cars and car frames work together to build a platform for centralized management and marketing.

From the initial sales of 50 units to 2 million units in 2009, now the development of electric bike has entered blowout phase. It not only has drove the development of other related industries, but also solved the employment pressure. As a grass-roots origin, the year 2010 will surely be a brilliant year for electric tricycle, with the skyrunner growing awareness of people’s environmental protection and the improvement of farmers’ living standards, the development of electric tricycle industry can be in line with the electric bicycle industry and make a contribution to China’s environmental protection!

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