Are Electric Bikes The Future

No one would argue with the fact that switching your commute from a car ride to a bike ride creates a host of benefits for both you and your surrounding environment. European governments warn the public about heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity; all of these can be combated by getting on your bike in the morning and commuting to work on two wheels instead of four. Exercise, even at moderate levels, helps to reduce stress and depression as well as improve mood and self-esteem. The financial benefits to be gained from cycling can be quite substantial, saving users money on commuting (compared to public or personal motorised transport), parking charges and gym memberships. As well as money, bikes can save you time, avoiding traffic jams and enabling you to take shortcuts that cars are unable to access.

But could it be the small drawbacks that are preventing the majority of people from making the switch to cycling from other modes of transport? This is where the electric bike comes in. It provides all of the benefits of a regular bicycle, but with the added bonus of not arriving at work needing a shower since it helps to reduce the effort of pedalling uphill and into headwinds. You can still take exercise which helps you on your way to fulfilling government health recommendations, you are still lowering your carbon footprint, and saving money.

All good models can be used manually, fully powered or power-assisted. If more people who would not otherwise cycle were to use electric bikes instead of cars, this would lower overall carbon emissions. An argument put forward by the editor of A to B magazine is that the small amount of energy used by the electric bike is actually offset by its increased use compared to that of the manual version, since electric bike users ride further and more often than traditional bicycle users, and this reduces the average carbon emissions per mile – the manufacturing process is the largest contributor to carbon emissions.

Electric bikes have no road tax, no insurance, no MOT, and no license plates. They are limited to a maximum speed under power of 15mph (although you can pedal faster than this if you want) and an average power of 200W (250W for an electric tricycle). At present in the UK, both E-bikes and Pedelecs are covered by this, although there are moves to make E-bikes conform to the same regulations as mopeds. The limits are: 200W continuous power (250W for tricycles and tandems), 15mph maximum assisted speed, maximum weight 40kgs (60kgs for tricycles and tandems). As long as your cycle is within these limits, and you are over 14, you can ride your bike legally on UK roads with no restrictions.

On top of these benefits, the electric bike compared to the traditional bicycle saves even more time because even though top speed is capped, electric bikes are able to keep a more constant speed, rather than slowing down on the tough or uphill stretches. This higher average speed actually makes electric bikes safer than conventional bicycles on the roads since fewer cars will overtake, and as A to B magazine points out, the faster your acceleration, the sooner you can get out of trouble.

So electric bikes offer safety advantages over regular bicycles, save you more money on transport, are more user friendly; and still provide healthy exercise.

With all these advantages over the humble bicycle, we think electric bikes are the transport of the future. So how can you get involved? If you live in the mainland UK, you can get yourself a good quality, affordable electric bike, quickly and easily online- and delivered to your door from Bristol-based the Electric Bike Company. Why not change the way you travel today!

Suntouch Electric Floor warming Buy floor heat

Demand for Electric floor warming is increasing dramatically in the America with more and more consumers realizing the benefits of energy efficiency along with the very real comfort of Electric floor warming or underfloor heating. Electric floor heating warms the room from the floor up, meaning people feel its effect quickly. Electric floor warming offers unparalleled comfort for cold tile floors. Warm tile floors are the way of the future

There are dozens of products available to purchase, and there are even more companies telling you that their product is the best. There are many systems on the market with varying degrees of flexibility and quality. It is important to choose the right system for the job, always checking the substrate and floor finish and getting the best technical advice and system design.

So which product is the best? You might find yourself scratching your head at this point. The answer lies in the type of project you are doing. Not every system is ideal for every project, but there is an ideal system for every project.
SunTouch Radiant Floor Heating is designed to warm your flooring materials which will not only heat the floor but then radiantly heat anything sitting on the floor, such as your furniture. SunTouch UnderFloor is a unique product made to install under an existing floor (without disturbing the floor). SunTouch Radiant Floor Heating Systems are top quality. SunTouch is manufactured by Watts Radiant; a division of Watts Water in Springfield, MO. Watts is a $1 Billion company, with a 130 year history as a USA manufacturer. Theyll be here should you ever need them. SunTouchs 25 year warranty is even transferable should you move out of your home – what a selling feature for your homes buyers. SunTouch has a real warranty backed by a strong company with 135 years experience in heating technology.

SunTouch Electric Floor Heat Mats are easy to install. SunTouch mats are available in widths 12, 24 , 30 and 36. 36 widths are our most popular because they fit best where you need floor heat. Every SunTouch Electric Floor Heating system needs a Thermostat. Choose from the stylish Fully Programmable SunStat PRO model to control your floor heat by sensing the temperature of the floor and using your individual program with 2 each on & off settings for each day of the week. Easy to program and provides you full control for your SunTouch System tailored to your lifestyle.

Above all, there’s usually a lower moisture level associated with the warmth generated by SunTouch Electric Floor Heat Mats compared to traditional heating, which reduces the numbers of house mites in a property. SunTouch Radiant Floor Heating tends to raise relative humidity more than traditional radiators, too, giving a healthier environment.

Woodbridge Fireplace Store Adds New Dimplex Linear Electric Fireplace Line

Woodbridge Fireplace Inc. (), a leading Ontario fireplace retailer and manufacturer of contemporary gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and fireplace accessories for the home and for commercial applications, is pleased to announce that their 6,000 sq foot fireplace showroom, located in Brampton, Ontario, now carries the newly introduced Dimplex Linear Built-in Electric Fireplace. “The Dimplex 50″ (BLF 50) Linear Built-in Electric Fireplace is a fabulously versatile solution for people who want a fireplace but, due to any number of possible restrictions, have been unable to have one. This stylish modern fireplace can be added to virtually any room in the house and requires no gas line access or the expense of a major renovation,” states Tony James, founder of Woodbridge Fireplace Inc.

Ideal for use in condos, small rooms, and in places where the installation of a wood burning, gas or propane fireplace is not possible, the Dimplex 50″ Linear Built-in Electric Fireplace requires no piping or venting and can be installed either fully recessed into a new wall, retrofitted into an existing wall, wall mounted, or installed as part of a Dimplex electric fireplace mantel package. The Dimplex 50’s sleek black finish, space-saving design and modern lines lends itself to any dcor, providing instant warmth and stylish design. This low maintenance and safe electric fireplace produces up to 4,198 BTUs and can provide supplemental heat for areas up to 400 sq ft. The BLF 50 boasts a multi-function remote control, patented flame technology and a sparkling glass ember bed creates the illusion of a real fire, adding luxury, beauty and a inviting ambiance to any room.

“Woodbridge Fireplace is pleased to carry the Dimplex 50″ (BLF 50) Linear Built-in Electric Fireplace. It’s a terrific product that is perfect for condos, bedrooms and places were a wood burning or gas fireplace just couldn’t go. It’s attractive, easy to install, eco-friendly and can be safely located near sensitive electronic equipment that can be harmed by the excessive heat that can radiate from a conventional fireplace, like a wall-mounted flat screen TV. Even though the Dimplex 50″ Linear Built-in Electric Fireplace has only just been introduced to the market, it’s not surprising that is already selling like hotcakes. It’s just that good,” reports Tony James.

About Woodbridge Fireplace Inc.: Specializing in contemporary fireplace designs, Woodbridge Fireplace’s 6,000 sq foot modern fireplace showroom located in Brampton, Ontario is the place to shop in southern Ontario and the GTA for the very finest in brand name fireplaces. Woodbridge Fireplace Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated company that manufactures, sells and services the most popular brand name wall mounted fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, linear fireplaces, electric fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces and fireplace accessories available anywhere. For new home construction, home renovations and commercial fireplace installation, custom fireplace design and custom fireplace manufacturing, Woodbridge Fireplace Inc. offers a lifetime limited warranty on everything that they sell and manufacture. For more information call Woodbridge Fireplace at 905-799-5953 or visit the website:

Electric Dog Fence Installation Tips

Electric dog fence is a containment device which consists of a boundary wire, a transmitter and a receiver that is attached to a canine collar. The wire is buried to mark the desired territory where your dog is allowed to enter and roam around. A transmitter conveys a signal along the wire, which is then received by the receiver collar. This collar creates different levels of sensation whenever the dog enters an off-limit spot.

The installation of an electric fence dog is not a intricate task. Traditionally, it involves creating a narrow channel along the yard where the hidden wire will be buried. In most cases, you will do some digging to attach the electric fence with the existing wooden fence.

Here are some helpful tips to your guide in properly installing an electric fence:

Before digging the soil, it is very important to locate the power lines and other underground pipes to avoid damaging them. Mark your property or seek the help of a professional installer to correctly set up the hidden electric fence.

After marking the desired location, the rest of the installation process of an electric fence dog is going to be a piece of cake. The boundary wire is usually placed along the bottom and top of the existing fence. The control unit is then mounted near a power receptacle.

Afterwards, a tiny hole is drilled through the wall of the fence so that the two ends of the wire can be pulled through and connected to the control unit. The control unit needs to be powered and configured.

Pay attention to the material boundary wire you are using. Make sure that it is burial approved, durable enough and made of waterproof polyurethane and solid copper. In this way, you will be assured that the wire will not easily corrode, resulting to poor contact and power.

The author is a dog trainer connected to a company that provides safe and effective electric fence dog products. Find the best deals in underground fence and wireless fences.

Make Your Clubcar Go Faster

Adding a little extra power to anything cant hurt, right? But you want to make your electric golf cart go faster all by yourself? Well well go on a trip to suped up cart heaven, and then Ill show you some videos of guys who took this thing way too far.

First off well tackle the ClubCar brand as its one of the most popular models and its simple to do.
Things Youll Need:
New/or Used Motor
Insulated Tools
Insulated Wrench
Insulated Wire Cutters
New Battery (higher voltage than what you currently have installed)
Protective gloves (preferably insulated)

1.Youll need a new or used (best if budget IS a concern to you) motor. You want to look for one that has higher RPM then the existing motor in your cart. Higher RPMs allow the engine to turn over more times in any given timeframe.
2.Next thing you want to do is check the electrical system, as you are looking for the solenoid and coil system that is closest to the passenger side of your Club Car golf cart.
3.Now this is where we get down and dirty, and youll want to take up to half of the wire off. So yes cut the wire that connects the coil and solenoid together. You probably want to try taking off maybe half an inch to an inch before cutting your entire electrical cord in half.
4.Last step is to replace your current golf cart battery with your newer high voltage battery, so if you have a 12 volt battery in your cart, replacing it with a 24 volt battery will give you more power to feed your new higher RPM motor and the shorter length of solenoid cable will deliver that new charge in a much faster time.

Convert Car To Electric- How to Create Quick Electrical RC Autos (RC Motor vehicle Kit )

This is the lowest-powered battery type, and it is also 97% recyclable. A single that is smallest in dimensions is the Lithium Ion battery as it provides the ideal performance and also selection. It is vital to substitute auto batteries every single 3 to 4 many years.

It is necessary to carry out a battery look at periodically so that it is always maintained in the proper problem. This also utilized to other electrical elements as in any other case their condition can deteriorate. Battery terminals need to be cleaned out as they can acquire corrosion.on.

How do you retrofit a typical sedan into an electric auto? Several vehicle entrepreneurs are hungry for information and facts on how they can decrease their gasoline cost bill. With international crude oil prices soaring sharply, local gasoline price ranges have achieved a new height. A lot of household are investing as substantially as 15% of their home earnings just to fuel their automobiles. The condition is rapid reaching a tipping point. A single solution to cut down car or truck fuel expenses is to convert a car to operate on electricity. How does the retrofitting course of action work? This post will reveal some beneficial information and facts about the science of electrical motor vehicle.

Most of us are so made use of to using fossil fuel to run our cars. A lot of do not think about they will be driving an electrical auto. In real truth, electric motor vehicle are not so distinctive. If you are a golfer, most possibly you would have driven an electric golf cart. An electrical car or truck works by using the similar principle.

To retrofit your automobile into an electric car, there are a few parts you will will need. Firstly, you will will need batteries to provide the power resource. Secondly, you need to have an electrical motor to create torque to move the car or truck. Next, you require an electrical present regulator to command the flow of electrical energy to the motor. Finally, a comprehensive circuitry board to hook up all the elements together with a security cut off swap.

All this electrical parts might sound foreign to you especially if you do not have any electrical or vehicle servicing awareness. The good news is there are many electric car or truck conversion guides readily available from the web. If you are severe about selecting a solution to reduce your latest gasoline expense, just investigation for the tutorial on the web site and make the conversion now.

The Electrical motor vehicle is to develop into a popular household merchandise no matter if it is a new Peugeot Ion or even a new Citroen. Kent and the rest of the United kingdom have been notified that the 12 months of the electrical automobile has been named by the Govt as following yr, 2011. Cars and trucks that are qualified for grants will shortly be announced but only just after the a few main electric motor vehicles go on sale future month. The federal government is trying to get a actual transform in the way we perceive our every day travels and car use.

The Government early this early morning declared that up to a 25% grant will be given when just about every car or truck is acquired and that over 4000 power factors are deemed to be fixed into location during the United kingdom in 2011. Clients with a feeling of ownership and pride will in actuality invest in these smaller, compact electric cars simply because they will want to purchase into the way of existence.

Cars and trucks to be released as early as January future yr include the Mitsubishi i-Miev, Peugeot Ion and Clever Fortwo.

The principle of converting an engine into that of an electrical vehicle incorporates replacing the combustion motor with electrical motor and taking out all other elements, like the radiator, the fuel tank, as nicely as the fuel line.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Buy An Electric Tooth Brush

Stopping any passerby on the streets and asked them which was better for your teeth, the electric toothbrush or the ancient manual tooth brush, they?d probably guess electric. And if you ask more, they will probably tell you if they would give both a try or not. Why?Well, because we?re conditioned to think the most expensive option is always the best. And always the healthiest. Also the media tells us that electric tooth brushes are recommended by doctors all over., and the question remains, which is better?In my personal opinion, manual toothbrushes are far better than electric,. I can assuredly say this because I have used both. I was using a manual tooth brush since I was a child, right until I hit 25, I started using an electric tooth brush when I heard about it on the TV, which I used until I was 30.

I?ve never been a devoted toothbrusher, I just brush like any regular person would. But within a year I started to see my teeth yellowing using the electric tooth brush. I also noticed they just didn?t seem as fresh, I wondered to myself whether am I doing it wrong or not, but no matter how long I brushed my teeth for, the results remains the same, my teeth are still turning yellow.

Then a year ago, I decided to go back to my manual tooth brush and I was instantly stunned by the contrast. I vowed to myself that I will never go back to electric toothbrush again. No matter what everyone say, my teeth are now just more cleaner after brushing the old-fashioned way. And with cleaner teeth it just means that my dental visits will be far less uncomfortable. And that’s a really big plus!

So with my rant out of the way, here are the prime 5 reasons to why Manual Toothbrushes are superior to Electric.

Most electric toothbrushes are inadequate or unable to clean the tongue during brushing.

Especially the kind with the circular head. Brushing the tongue is really imperative for keeping your teeth clean and removing bacteria from your mouth, where most of bacteria are located in your mouth. With a manual tooth brush I can swiftly and effectively clean my tongue. You can also clean the inside of your cheeks as an added bonus. Although I must concur, some electric brushes do come with tongue cleaners – but that’s just extra work, because you need to unattach the power brush head and reattach the tongue cleaner head. I really don’t want to waste any more time brushing!

Electric toothbrushes just spin the plague around

Brushing manually tends to move the gunk onto the brush ? electric toothbrushes are often so packed that they aren?t flexible enough for the gunk to get into. Instead they just swirl it around in your mouth, completely defeating the purpose of brushing your teeth. To test this, eat a bagel with cream cheese or what ever filling that you like. Brush with the electric toothbrush as you typically would. When finished, carefully scrape your fingernail down the front and see if are any of the grime left from eating the bagel. If not, your electric brush is probably one of the better models. If you still have bagel left on your teeth, repeat the test with a manual brush and you?ll probably want to toss that electric out.

Manual toothbrushes are more flexible

You just can?t angle an electric the way you could a manual toothbrush. Manual toothbrushes have been so much improved over the years, they are now endless varieties of manual tooth brushes. With electric toothbrushes you can?t bend it and get the bristles between those annoying back teeth. The bristles on the circular electric toothbrushes are close fitting and compact and pretty much move as an unit. The inner bristles will never reach your teeth, that?s how inflexible they are. How can you expect to clean hard to reach places with one of those?

Electric toothbrushes are a pain to travel with

I can’t even remember the amount of times I thought mine was charged when I left, and then had to hunt down a manual in the hotel drugstore because charge on it was gone and I left the charger home. Manual toothbrushes you just pop in a case, shove in your bag and use when you feel like it. Basically set it and forget it. When I take it out of my bag I know it will be ready for use. Electric toothbrushes are really unpredictable and awful if consistancy is your main concern, sometimes even when you do charge it, it will lose it charge during the course of the travel. Very troublesome!

Manual toothbrushes come in a bigger variety.

You can get super soft and super small in manual ? you will have a hard time finding either in electric, those usually only come in one variety, the circular ones or the dual head ones with a brush on the bottom. Oh, you can get the Disney kind, and look like a complete loser when you?re traveling too, just because God gave you a tiny mouth. But hey, you get over the awkward situation over time. Or you could just learn to hide the stupid thing from jugding eyes.

So here are the top 5 reasons to why a manual tooth brush is better than an electric tooth brush. If you think your electric toothbrush is leaving you minty fresh, I suggest you try brushing manual for one day and see if you notice a difference -you might be surprised.

Where Did Computer Software

In 1935, English mathematician Alan Turing proposed the first known theory about software in his essay ‘Computable numbers with an application to the Entscheidungs problem (Decision problem)’. The actual ‘software’ term was first used and printed by statistician John W. Turkey in 1958. It was used in computer science and software engineering studies to refer the information processed by a computer system, computer programs and their data.

The most popular historical trace of the first outputs of computer software is found in the first software bug found in computer systems in 1946. Later, in 1970, the term ‘Moore’s law’ was coined to explain the basic elements of a computing system, where the first element was computer software, which then joined the devices in computer hardware.

Computer software was originally offered in conjunction with hardware by Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Popular OEMs of the time were Data General, Digital Equipment and IBM. Since computer hardware companies originally bundled their software, they were not able to claim the software as an asset. Data Gen then introduced Data General Nova, and the company Digidyne pursued Data General Nova for its RDOS operating system for its own hardware clone. Data General refused to license their software and subsequently claimed ‘bundling rights’. This set a distinct precedent in the history of software – in 1985 The Supreme Court, with Digidyne v. Data General, ruled that Data Gen must license their operating system software because restricting the license was an illegal tying arrangement. This decision increased the value of software, making it possible to purchase computer software patents. Data General was eventually taken over by EMC Corporation. Then, in 1986, IBM released Disk Operating System (DOS) for free, and Microsoft was created.

Widely known visionaries Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) took advantage of software development ideas long before they started their own businesses in the 1980’s and have since created multi-billion dollar corporations with their multitudes of software offerings.

Black Electric Guitar – How To Possess Your Right Black Electric Guitar By Avoiding The Top Five Mi

It is always cool to buy your first black electric guitar. But it is surprisingly to know that there are many common mistakes made by guitar students in buying black electric guitars.? They are just simply overwhelmed with too much advertisement or worse still listen to some mis-information sources or poor advices by promoters who just hoping for higher commission.

Do you aware the differences between electric guitars and acoustic guitars? ?

The distinct difference between the two is that electric guitar needs an external amplifier to amplify its sound louder. Unlike the acoustic guitar, it does not have a sound hole to make guitar sound. Acoustic guitar on the contrary does not require the use of an amplifier and still be heard by others. Acoustic guitar has a sound hole for this purpose and it does not need to plug an amplifier. For some electric guitars with half-hollow bodies, they can be pretty user friendly to allow guitarists to play unplugged or on amplifier.

Knowing that black electric guitars give a unique kind of style that worth the second look, the black color does not affect the sound quality.

Below are the most common mistakes committed by many.

?1. Is it advisable to possess the most expensive guitar to start learning guitar? This may not be true because it is quite often that just a sale tactics by the retailers to sell higher their products to you. They will get higher sales and commission in doing so. It may be always the case especially the guitar novices are not street wise enough to spot the guitars. By just merely judging from the price tags, it is not advisable to even commit acquiring at the first place. Best idea is to do some research and find some product reviews.

?2. It may not be a workable idea to follow and buy the same type of guitar used by the famous guitarists.? People are always unique in terms of beliefs and own playing styles. A good suggestion is to acquire a suitable guitar and master it with full devotion. Once you learn the basic level, you can be sure to get the same guitar as your idol does. Playing a guitar is mostly about what you know in your head and not totally based on what type of guitar you possess.

?3. Avoid choosing the wrong type of strings or choose the wrong guitar size. Nylon string based guitar is advisable the most comfortable on the fingers. This is applicable for both electric guitars as well as for acoustic guitars. For those with smaller hands,it may be quite uncomfortable for them to play with a wider neck of a classical guitar due to its reach. In this case, a 1/2 or 3/4 size may be more suitable.

?4. If you have some money set aside, do not also just simply find the cheapest guitar to start with. A so-so guitar will not have good tunes and the sound quality may often quite disappointing even if one is trying very hard to do the standard instructions in playing guitar. This may lead to the wrong belief that the guitar itself is nothing wrong and the strumming method used could be improper. In many cases, a poor quality guitar will not sound good even if one plays it well.

?5. Novices may be often educated to start on acoustic guitar first due to the fact that they are lower cost and they do not require to buy any amplifier. This best intention is often lead to drop in confidence subsquently. Especially to those novices who are trying to master playing guitars faster, their fingers can be quite sore after long hours of playing. Fingers are the most sensitive body parts. Once an enthusiastic beginner’s finger tips are swollen or even bleeding, it will definitely reduce his or her confidence to move on. If the beginner choses to start with an acoustic guitar,he or she will need to exert more finger strength as the strings are much more tough to fret properly. The strings of standard acoustic guitars have higher tension. A better idea is to get an electric guitar and play it unplugged without the amplifier first. In this way, the beginner can learn to play electric guitar correctly and quickly with lesser physical strains on their fingers. Once the novice learns the basic skill, he or she can further extend to use the electric guitar with the amplifier on.

?By avoiding the above mistakes, you can at least have a better confidence in choosing your ideal black electric guitar.

To find out what are the best users and super offers for Black Electric Guitar sets like Epiphone Les Paul Standard and other electric guitars like Epiphone Sunburst, click any available link here.

Zigaretten Stopfen Electric Machine Pot – Makes Cigarette Making Convenient For You

If you are a cigarette enthusiast and don’t have the time or patience to make your own cigarettes by hand then buying Electric cigarette machine pot will really be an great investment. Electric cigarette machine pot is very simple and easy to use and produce a perfectly fine tuned cigarettes quickly and easily every time. Zigarettenstopfmaschine24 supply brand new cigarette making machines. Most of our electric cigarette machine pots are full automatic machines, the whole process of tube forming, tobacco filling, gluing and assembling can be done automatically. Our Electric cigarette tamping machines are used to produce king size cigarette as well as slim or super slim cigarettes.

Electric cigarette machine pot is an ultra-unique cigarette making machine for cigarette enthusiasts! These Electric cigarette machine pots features a push button system to release and shell out cigarettes along with a built-in dual style lighter. This electric cigarette machine pot will quickly and easily stuff your own perfectly made cigarettes. This cost-effective electric cigarette tamping machine will saves your money in huge amount! Electric cigarette machine pot is ideal buying choice for smoking enthusiasts who wants cheap, good and fine tuned stuff! Making use of the Electric cigarette machine pot is the fastest way to make your own cigarettes. Powerfiller 3 makes use of the spoon fed method and will make all sizes of perfectly made cigarettes at a time. Just slip your cigarette tube on, fill your Powerfiller 3 with tobacco, close the lid and turn it on. Within a minute, you will get your perfectly finetuned and high-quality cigarettes ready to go.

Some of the best things about Electric Machine pot:

* New generic Cigarette Roller Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Automatic Injector DIY,Red

* Electric machine pot operates simply and the function credibility. This is the best way to make your own cigarettes with such little cost and such simple operation.

* Anyone could be the great cigarette operators. Just like ABC,you can tamp your own perfectly fined cigarette in seconds.

* Do it yourself & and enjoy your cigarette making process.

Ergonomic body designed cigarette tamping machine with antislip base, you can make cigarettes even anywhere you had like.
If you’re a cigarette enthusiast looking for top recommended electric cigarette tamping machine in Germany means, then Powerfiller 3 is our suggestion. Many good reviews already proving the quality of our electric cigarette tamping machine. The Best electric cigarette tamping machine completed with a lot of capabilities which makes it great product.

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