Electric Roaster A Few Reasons A Home Cook Should Buy One

If you do a lot of cooking during the holiday season or have a large family, then there are a few good reasons that you should buy an electric roaster oven. An electric roaster will serve as an additional oven if you have a lot of food to prepare for a large group and is a great energy saving appliance by cooking in less time than a conventional oven. The meat is more moist then cooking in the oven. Lets look at several reasons to buy a Rival Electric Roaster. Rival roasters come in either an 18 or 22 quart size.

I own a Rival 22 quart Electric Roaster that I love. It is simple to use and cooks perfectly each time. I use my Rival roaster year round and not always to cook for a large crowd; however, this roaster oven is perfect for large turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are cooking for a large family dinner or a neighborhood party, then owning the largest electric roaster you can afford is a great idea. A large 22 pound turkey will fit just fine in a 22 quart turkey roaster like the 22 quart Rival roaster. This electric roaster oven comes with removable inner liner pans and cooking racks. The cooking rack is great to keep the turkey off the bottom of the pan for even roasting. Most importantly, having a turkey roaster to cook the turkey in will leave you lots of oven space for the side dishes such as stuffing, yams, potatoes and even pies.

I mentioned that an electric roaster oven is a great energy saving appliance. It does cook the meat such as chicken, turkey, ham or roast beef in less time than in the regular conventional oven. To me, that equates to less electricity or gas heating up a big oven. If you live in a hotter climate year round, then not having to heat up the big oven and the whole kitchen saves on the air conditioning bill also. Even when I am not cooking for the large family dinner at Thanksgiving, I use my Rival roaster during the year to roast a couple of chickens for the week. With my busy schedule, I buy 2 large chickens around 5 pounds each, put them in the electric roaster on Sunday morning and we have dinner for Sunday and a couple times during the week too. I look at this as saving my energy by cooking extra chicken.

As I mentioned, the Rival roaster oven cooks in less time than a conventional oven does. It has the same temperature dial from 200 to 450 degrees as an oven would, but due to the smaller space it cooks meat so quickly. I set my temperature on 375 for chicken and 350 for turkey. The meat comes out so juicy and tender. Plus the electric roasters removable inner pan is coated with easy to clean enamel. I recommend an electric roaster to the home cook.