How Are Electric Process Heaters And Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Different

Electric process heaters were designed to simulate custom shell and tube heat exchangers design. In this article you would know the difference between the two and choose whichever suits your preference.

Again, just like all custom shell & tube heat exchanger manufacturers, electric process heater manufacturers created the latter to so it can function just like a shell and tube heat exchanger. However, instead of a tube side, electric process heaters make use of an electric bundle heater, created using tubular rod elements and heat energy, powered by electricity rather than recovered heat.

Here are the difference and advantages of the two different heating methods:

Custom Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Design

1.It is larger in size and heavier in weight and thus requires a larger space.
2.Temperature control is good
3.There are some restrictions in its turn down capacity
4.Custom shell and tube heat exchangers design recovers heat from a different source.
6.Heat source must deliver the required temperature.
7.Instant cold and heat, depending on the source.

Electric Process Heaters

1.Smaller in size and lighter in weight
2.Temperature control is good and precise.
3.Has 100% turn down capacity
4.Unlike the Custom Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Design, it does not need a process hook up because energy is generated via electric power.
6.Can deliver required temperature
7.Instant cold and heat.

Depending on your needs and preference, you can choose between the two. Each has its own advantage and disadvantages.

If youre in the market for either of these products and is not sure which to purchase, research is the key. Ask individuals who have had experience with a Custom Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Design and Electric Process Heaters. They will provide with you first-hand data based on their experience for you to contemplate on and assess.

Further, go online and read more about each of the product as there are numerous information available on the internet nowadays.

If this is not enough for you, go to some custom shell & tube heat exchanger manufacturers or electric process heater manufacturers and see for yourself how each work. They can also provide you with valuable information regarding each of their products.

Use the information youve gathered to thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of each product. Never jump into a hastily made decision as you are putting yourself at risk for a lot of wasted time, money, effort and heaps of regrets.