How To Use Your Electric Grill Safely

Electric grill are one of the most common cooking appliance we see at our kitchen. It is not only easy to use, but it allows you to whip up meals in a matter of minutes. This is a fine addition to the home of any entertaining host, or for any family that enjoys the concept of barbecues and having a few friends over for some home-cooked, simple food.

However, an electric grill, just like all other gadgets that use electricity, can be a hazard if one does not take the necessary precautions. Make sure that if you are using an electric grill that safety is prioritized above all other considerations.

Before using your electric grill, make sure you check the control knob. You might think that you have already switched it off, when it fact it is still turned to ON. Double check the knob and turn it off if not. The same consideration applies when unplugging the grill.

Make it a habit to inspect all the connections regularly, if possible, before every use. This includes the plug and cord. There may be signs of wear and tear that signal imminent damage to the cord. If there are such signs, have it repaired or replaced before using it again.

Electric grills you be kept away from any liquids, plug, cords and any heating devices included.. Even if it seems to heat up, do not immerse any part in water. Remember that this device makes use of electricity and that liquids are dangerous conductors.

Electric cords should be keep out of reach of children. Also, they should not be in the way of anybody who could trip over it or damage the cords or themselves.

Unplug the electric grill before cleaning it. It might sound like an inconvenience but it’s better to play safe especially when you have kids or even careless adults in your home.

It may sound foolish but DO NOT use the electric grill outdoors especially when raining. In the event of a barbecue or any outdoor party, the weather cannot be predicted. If it starts to look suspiciously cloudy, unplug the grill immediately or transfer it to a place where it cannot get wet. Better yet, be a step ahead by placing the grill under a covered tent or roofed patio all throughout the barbecue.

You must connect the electric grill to a ground fault interrupter. Doing so will minimize the risk of shock and comply with local electrical safety codes.

Whether it is in use or in storage, make sure that the electric grill is at a safe distance from any materials that are flammable or combustible. Even when it is unplugged, you can never be too sure. Keeping it in a wooden stockroom with some kerosene soaked rags and a lot of dry pieces of paper is only inviting danger. Observe at all time fire safety measures not with all electrical devices as well.

Safety precautions should be observed in using electric grill especially when you have kids at home. Always remember “Safety First” is “Safety Always.