Best Electric Rates In Connecticut

There are two simple ways to lower your Connecticut electric bill: lock in the best electric rate and use less electricity in your home. At Lower Electric Bill Today, we help educate consumers on ways to conserve energy in their home or office. We also share exclusive knowledge concerning Connecticut’s most trusted and affordable electric suppliers. You can search and compare electric rates right from our site!

What is the Average Electric Rate in Connecticut?
Did you know that Connecticut boasts some of the highest electric rates in the nation? Unfortunately, it’s true. That’s why so many consumers visit Lower Electric Bill Today in search of a lower electric rate.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the current average retail price of electricity in Connecticut is 19.11 cents per kilowatt hour. That’s almost twice the amount of the national average, currently 10.72 cents per kilowatt hour. But thanks to electricity deregulation, Connecticut consumers are no longer forced to pay the elevated electric rates of local utility companies.

We Can Help you Find the Best Connecticut Electric Rates
Electricity deregulation allows consumers to receive low-cost electric service from an independent, certified Connecticut electric supplier. It takes just a few minutes to switch suppliers; you will not experience a disruption in electric service during or following the transfer.

In order to making the switch easier for consumers like you, we carefully research Connecticut’s independent electric suppliers to determine which ones are the most affordable and reputable. Based on our research, we recommend Verde Energy USA and North American Power as two of the top electric suppliers in Connecticut. Both offer extremely low electric rates and reliable service.

Verde Energy USA and North American Power’s current electric rates are just over 9 cents per kilowatt hour – that’s nearly half the price of the average Connecticut retail electric rate of 19.11 cents. Switching your service to either Verde Energy USA or North American Power takes just five minutes – in that amount of time, you can cut your electric bill in half! Visit Lower Electric Bill Today to learn how easy and cost-effective it is to make the switch!

Another Way to Save: Use Less Electricity
Although cutting your electric rate in half will certainly have a large impact on your monthly electric bill, Connecticut homeowners should also make a conscious effort to reduce their energy usage. There are countless eco-friendly ways to conserve energy in your home, including:
switch from incandescent to CFL bulbs;
turn off all lights and fans when you leave a room;
ensure that your windows and doors are properly sealed;
install energy-efficient appliances in your home;
make sure that your attic has an insulation R-value between 49-60;
turn off all appliances and electronics when not in use;
fully insulate your hot water heater;
ensure that your ducts are the proper size and do not leak.

Making just a few of these simple adjustments can reduce your electric bill by 30% each month. When you pair that reduction with your new, low-cost electric rate, that’s a savings of hundreds of dollars per year!