Electric Fans Price In India

There are several electrical fan manufacturing companies in India. Bajaj Electric fan is the 3rd largest company in the country. It provides ceiling fans, pedestal fans, table fans, exhaust fans, wall mounted and fresh air fans. The latest one which is added to the list is air circulators. These are used for industrial purposes which are heavy work exhaust fans. In India, Bajaj is very old company that offers fans to the customers. This company is well- liked by most of the customers in India since decades. They have produced electric fans for kids that are fully designed using Disney characters. These fans are decorated with photos of little mermaid and Mickey mouse. Now, these decorated fans are acknowledged as “Bajaj Disney fan for kids.

Khaitan is known for its consistent performance in the fan manufacturing industries. The products from this company are highly remarkable .They come in different styles and colors to go well with any decor. This company provides fans in various sizes, so they can be selected according to the size of the room. Khaitan have been proved as top industries in the world for the styles. They have produced fans which consume less energy and also give fresh cool air. Price of Khaitan Electric fan in India is reasonable. They can be afforded by every common man. They are now highly popular in the marketplace. They have been working for these products since decades.

Orpat electric fans manufactured different revolutionary fans around the country. Orpat fans provide fresh cool air to the customers. The style and the craft are excellent and they include great control to offer fresh air and maintain the rooms cool at the time of the hot summer. Orpat Fan company have been increasing their productivity with new and enhanced fans in the list .The customers can find whatever they consider to be the best. They produce fans in various shapes and colors; one can purchase depending upon the color and the size of room. Generally, the Orpat fan price in India is 1,340 rupees approx.

Havells fan is the latest company. Though, it has become popular already in the industry. Today, it is one among the fastest growing companies in the country. Many customers are considering Havells fans because of their innovative styles and less consumption of the electricity. Havells Electric fan price in India is 1800 rupees approximately and the cost can vary depending upon the models.