Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Buy An Electric Tooth Brush

Stopping any passerby on the streets and asked them which was better for your teeth, the electric toothbrush or the ancient manual tooth brush, they?d probably guess electric. And if you ask more, they will probably tell you if they would give both a try or not. Why?Well, because we?re conditioned to think the most expensive option is always the best. And always the healthiest. Also the media tells us that electric tooth brushes are recommended by doctors all over., and the question remains, which is better?In my personal opinion, manual toothbrushes are far better than electric,. I can assuredly say this because I have used both. I was using a manual tooth brush since I was a child, right until I hit 25, I started using an electric tooth brush when I heard about it on the TV, which I used until I was 30.

I?ve never been a devoted toothbrusher, I just brush like any regular person would. But within a year I started to see my teeth yellowing using the electric tooth brush. I also noticed they just didn?t seem as fresh, I wondered to myself whether am I doing it wrong or not, but no matter how long I brushed my teeth for, the results remains the same, my teeth are still turning yellow.

Then a year ago, I decided to go back to my manual tooth brush and I was instantly stunned by the contrast. I vowed to myself that I will never go back to electric toothbrush again. No matter what everyone say, my teeth are now just more cleaner after brushing the old-fashioned way. And with cleaner teeth it just means that my dental visits will be far less uncomfortable. And that’s a really big plus!

So with my rant out of the way, here are the prime 5 reasons to why Manual Toothbrushes are superior to Electric.

Most electric toothbrushes are inadequate or unable to clean the tongue during brushing.

Especially the kind with the circular head. Brushing the tongue is really imperative for keeping your teeth clean and removing bacteria from your mouth, where most of bacteria are located in your mouth. With a manual tooth brush I can swiftly and effectively clean my tongue. You can also clean the inside of your cheeks as an added bonus. Although I must concur, some electric brushes do come with tongue cleaners – but that’s just extra work, because you need to unattach the power brush head and reattach the tongue cleaner head. I really don’t want to waste any more time brushing!

Electric toothbrushes just spin the plague around

Brushing manually tends to move the gunk onto the brush ? electric toothbrushes are often so packed that they aren?t flexible enough for the gunk to get into. Instead they just swirl it around in your mouth, completely defeating the purpose of brushing your teeth. To test this, eat a bagel with cream cheese or what ever filling that you like. Brush with the electric toothbrush as you typically would. When finished, carefully scrape your fingernail down the front and see if are any of the grime left from eating the bagel. If not, your electric brush is probably one of the better models. If you still have bagel left on your teeth, repeat the test with a manual brush and you?ll probably want to toss that electric out.

Manual toothbrushes are more flexible

You just can?t angle an electric the way you could a manual toothbrush. Manual toothbrushes have been so much improved over the years, they are now endless varieties of manual tooth brushes. With electric toothbrushes you can?t bend it and get the bristles between those annoying back teeth. The bristles on the circular electric toothbrushes are close fitting and compact and pretty much move as an unit. The inner bristles will never reach your teeth, that?s how inflexible they are. How can you expect to clean hard to reach places with one of those?

Electric toothbrushes are a pain to travel with

I can’t even remember the amount of times I thought mine was charged when I left, and then had to hunt down a manual in the hotel drugstore because charge on it was gone and I left the charger home. Manual toothbrushes you just pop in a case, shove in your bag and use when you feel like it. Basically set it and forget it. When I take it out of my bag I know it will be ready for use. Electric toothbrushes are really unpredictable and awful if consistancy is your main concern, sometimes even when you do charge it, it will lose it charge during the course of the travel. Very troublesome!

Manual toothbrushes come in a bigger variety.

You can get super soft and super small in manual ? you will have a hard time finding either in electric, those usually only come in one variety, the circular ones or the dual head ones with a brush on the bottom. Oh, you can get the Disney kind, and look like a complete loser when you?re traveling too, just because God gave you a tiny mouth. But hey, you get over the awkward situation over time. Or you could just learn to hide the stupid thing from jugding eyes.

So here are the top 5 reasons to why a manual tooth brush is better than an electric tooth brush. If you think your electric toothbrush is leaving you minty fresh, I suggest you try brushing manual for one day and see if you notice a difference -you might be surprised.