Why Does Ambit Energy And Ignite Energy Appeal To People

In Texas and now Illinois and New York we have energy companies selling electricity through an independent sales organization that are sales contractors with no real employee status to the retail energy companies they work for. This allows these sales associates of these companies to create excessive hype and buzz about a mediocre electric rate to their friends and family. Those friends and family who don’t sign up as an electric customer sometimes get sucked into the hype and start selling the electricity to other people as well. Right now the main buzz in these communities are with companies like Ignite Energy and Ambit Energy.

Ambit Energy and Ignite Energy are a couple of these retail electric providers in Texas and Illinois that have created this type of electric company. Letting the multi level marketing compensation plan and excitement loose in a room full of poor people creates an excitement these poor people may not have experienced since they were riding through the “It’s A Small World After All” ride at Disney World when they were kids. It doesn’t take much before these people muster up $300 to plop down to join this amazing opportunity that will make them millions of dollars simply by signing up a few friends and family on the electric rate and signing up a few sales reps to become independent sales associates who will go out and replicate what you have just done. Don’t be mistaken, the beginning people in these MLM companies probably recently jumped off of a recently defunct MLM company with a few million dollars. They know what works and get right in at the beginning of the next con.

Most people know MLM by the name pyramid scheme. Many people would call Ambit Energy a pyramid but any sales associate in the company would tell that simply is not true because they sell a service. The problem is $300 to become a sales rep doesn’t make sense. In other affiliate type sales contracts you do not pay to sell a product but can receive residual income. Why on earth must you pay $300 to sell their electricity? This question is why many people realize Ambit Energy and Ignite Energy are nothing more then pyramid schemes.

The money making pyramid idea has a powerful effect on a newbie joining the opportunity. It starts to take shape in their minds as a new house or Ferrari and the compounding effect immediately shows them how they could make millions by just having a few people join their organization. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way but still many people sign up with these companies like Ambit in droves as the founding hype creators rake in all the money. The problem arises when you get the paper that the State requires be sent out to the sales associates showing how much money everyone makes in the organization. It is then that you realize there is a bit of a top down way in which multi level marketing works. A few beginning people in MLM’s like Ignite Energy are making millions while it dramatically declines to where most people are making just a few hundred dollars a year. This is not even enough money to cover their enrollment fee or time spent on the opportunity.

The Ambit Energy or Ignite Energy millionaires at the top are charismatic people at the founding of the company that intentionally start creating that snow ball and rolling it down the hill to create that wealth that comes from new recruits joining a newly hyped opportunity. Likley these beginning salesmen were skimmed up off of a recently declining MLM company like Excel Telecommunications or Quickstar. These founding partners then travel the country creating the hype and excitement that stirs the excitement in the communities that adds multiple people to their downlines. The rolling snowball has a profound effect on those who started the company but those who come in later will never see the same millions. Next time you are asked to join one of these organizations you should ask to see the income statement the company sends out to the sales recruits showing how much everyone makes. This should help to enlighten you about just how great an opportunity this might be for you.

The History Of Electric Razors

Razors have been around for a very long time, although electric razors didnt come into existence until the 1930s. Since then, they have greatly evolved and are now a staple in many peoples beauty repertoires.

Although there were early experiments with clockwork and friction motor, electric razors didnt appear until the 1930s. The electric razor was a actually invented by Canadian Jacob Schick in the 1920s. He thought for sure that a mans age could be extended to 120 years if he properly shaved.

Schick had already invented a system where a person could insert new blades into a razor without having to touch them, so an electric razor was the next step. He did come up with a monstrous device that was much to big to market, but it had to be further developed to make it easier to handle. He waited until an electric motor that was small enough to fit into a hand-held device, but also powerful enough to cut through a beard, was developed.

He sold his first electric razor in 1931 for $25 in New York. In the same year he managed to sell a whopping 3,000 more. This version contained an oscillating induction motor that drove a sliding cutter in a slotted shearing head. The motor had to actually be kick-started using an exposed turn wheel. All of these components were housed in a sleek, black, Bakelite device that could easily be held comfortably in one hand.

Schicks electric razor caught on, and by 1937 1.5 million were in use with its market worth $20 million.

Of course competitors came out of the woodwork, and so did many patent infringements and lawsuits. One such competitor was Gillette, a name that is well-known today.

The Remington Close Shaver and the Sunbeam Shavemaster were also launched in 1937. The latter used a brush motor with a foil shearing head, which was certainly different than Schicks motor and slotted cutter.

Two years later the Philips Philishave launched in the Netherlands, using another technology of a rotating blade behind a circular shearing head.

At the time the cutting area of these electric razors was quite small. In fact, they typically covered an area only a quarter of the size by those of modern electric razors.

Electric razor technology soon launched in Britain in the mid 1930s. Their names, such as Viceroy and Zenith, suggested they were the most up to date gadget that could be found. However, it wasnt until American servicemen arrived in Britain that the electric razor actually caught on.

The electric razor also gained popularity when Hollywood became involved. Seen in such films as The Long Wait and Rear Window, the electric razor was definitely seen as a gadget for the modern man.

Throughout the years the electric razor greatly evolved. For example, models for women were designed. This was something that wasnt seen until the late 1940s.

These days dry shaving isnt necessarily the only option. Some can now be used in conjunction with shaving cream, w while others can be used in the shower.

Cordless, battery-operated models are also available.