Remote Control Toy Boats – The Best Under $100

Due to the advancement of RC technology, hobbyists can buy several toy boats for lower than $100. The list below shows the best that you can possible find at this price.

18-inch RC Sundancer Boat for $29.99

This model features forward and reverse motions as well as left and right steering. It weighs 2.1 pounds and measures 20 by 8 by 7.7 inches. The package includes a controller, display stand and battery clip. It requires 2-AA batteries (not part of the package) and 1 to 6V rechargeable battery pack. This RC boat is recommended for ages 8 and above. It is not advisable for children below 3 years of age because of choking hazards.

30-inch Super Power RC Electric Racing Syma Boat for $99.99
This is a blazingly fast RC boat model with a deep-V design. It can traverse waters at blinding speeds due to its dual motors and PC twin propellers. It was engineered to be reliable, stable, smooth and fast making it a perfect choice for affordable RC boat racing stunts. It is powered by standard Sub C 7.2V rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries, similar to those used to run Tamiya cars. It has a fast turning radius and can achieve a speed of more than 25 miles per hour due to its vector-push design. It uses durable plastic material made of LEXAN Polycarbonate. It can be operated at a maximum range of 300 feet and a running time of approximately 20 to 30 minutes. It is ready to race and fully assembled so it can be used immediately after taking it out of the package. It comes with an AC adapter and rechargeable battery pack. But the remote requires eight AA batteries.
Atlantio Radio Remote Control Replica Electric RC Boat for $99.99
This ready to run electric RC boat is an exact replica of the original Atlantio. The exterior is very detailed with a vector push design and measures 25 by 7.9 inches. It comes with a charger, rechargeable batteries, pistol grip radio, 8 AA batteries and a display stand. It has a 2 channel radio control with full functions and can be operated at a maximum range of 300 feet. It is very durable because of its 100% metal actuating mechanism.
22-inch Balaenoptera Musculus Electric RC Racing Syma Boat for $89.95
This model is an electric powered RC boat that can run at fat speeds due to its PC twin propellers. Its power source is a standard Sub C 7.2V rechargeable Ni-Cd pack similar to those used for Tamiya cars. It is made of durable plastic with a vector-push design. It can run at more than 25 miles per hour and can be operated at a maximum range of 300 feet with 20 to 30 minutes of running time.

Megatech Water Elite RC Speed Boat at $64.99
This RC boat model weighs 17.6 oz and the hull measures 17 inches. It is electric powered and can run at a speed of 22 feet per second. It is a high speed racer that can run through the waves at blazing speeds. The package comes with a display stand, transmitter, 9v battery and charger.

Bathroom Spy Camera ,intelligent 3d Electric Toothbrush Hidden Hd Dvr 16gb 1280×720


Compare to the other Spy Toothbrush Pinhole Cameras, the Intelligent 3D Electric Spy Toothbrush Pinhole Camera has more powerful functions. Its appearance is more elegent. It remains the brushing function so well and it has five brushing modes which can help you protect the teeth better. Meanwhile, as a spy camera, its 1280×720 resolution makes it shoot videos so clearly. In addition, its 16GB memory card which is built inside and the large capacity battery help it shoot last for a long time, about 8 hours or above. When you want to shoot something exciting, you don’t need to guard it. Just go ahead to do your own things. Later on you can appreciate the vivid video with clear voice on your PC or some other suitable players. You needn’t worry about others could find the camera. It is so tiny and the position is so covered. No one will notice it even when it is working. If you want to get something unnoticed, this high-technology item will be a good helper.

Spy Camera Description:

1.Tiny size makes it for a variety of uses.
2.It’s great to use as a hidden cam, spy cam, etc.
3.Real time recording in AVI video format
4.Colorful video with voice
5.Internal rechargeable battery
6.Internal memory:16GB
7.Playback video on suitable players, expecially good on PC
8.Video compression format, high definition of 1280*720
9.Recording mode :continuous recording until memory is full
10.Voice recording: Yes
11.Internal memory: Yes
13.Video file size:5M per min.
14.Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable
15.Battery type : Lithium-ion 2000MAh
16.Record time : up to 2h for 1GB
17.Battery use time : about 8 hours or above

Intelligent 3D Electric Spy Toothbrush Description:

1. Wireless interactive intelligent navigation displays have better brushing habits
2. Five brushing modes: Clean, soft, massage, polish, the reform of three minutes deep clean mode
3. Personalization timer: the teeth brushing time is divided into four-way partition limit
4. Two minutes timer: close timer function, do not brush your teeth into a time when the active display
5. Brushing pressure display: reminder to avoid excessive force when brushing your teeth
6. Replace the brush head display: time to record personal brush with the proposed replacement brush habitual
7. 3D-style front and rear shock pulse / rotation back and forth about technology
8. Before and after the acoustic pulse 40,000 times per minute, the plaque can cut off the hair, loose teeth plaque
9. Turning left and right turn times per minute, 8800, will completely remove loose plaque
10.Built-in interactive Ling Rui chips: built-in smart chip, with the handle of the electronic components to exchange information. The only chip that can be automatically selected for you apply the brush teeth cleaning mode


1. Spy Intelligent 3D electric toothbrush camera 16GB 1pcs
2. 2.0 High Speed USB CABLE 1pcs
3. USB Charger 1pcs
4. Camera Operating Manual 1pcs

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