Basic knowledge and guide of Electric RC cars

Electric RC cars are the most popular today. This might be because of the fact that every RC car beginners will get started with this type of RC car, this is due to operation of an electric RC cars is easy to be understood. Electric RC car which powered by battery packs have a lot of advantages compared to nitro / gas RC cars. If you are new in the RC world , you might probably face difficulty to choose the right electric RC car which will satisfied you. The most important thing before you make a purchase, you need some information to guide you to avoid wrong choice.

First what are consideration to be made. This is important to every person who would like to be engage in Electric RC cars world. 1. What are Advantage 2. What type of RC cars 3. What size of RC cars. 4. What options to choose. 5. Convenience.

1.Advantage of electric RC cars. – User friendly – Easy and less maintaining – Less tuning and set-up – Less cost – Noise less – Smoke less – Light weight

2. Type of electric RC cars – On-road RC cars. Consist of Touring , racing and Drift cars. – Off-road RC cars. Consist of Buggies and Monster truck. – Indoor RC cars . Consist of mini / micro cars.

3. Size of electric RC cars. – 1/ 10, 1/ 12, 1/ 16, 1/ 18, 1/ 24, 1/ 27, and 1/ 30.

4. Option to choose. There are two options available in the market. Option 1. Electric RC car – RTR kits ( Ready to run )

This option is specially design for beginners. RTR package are comes with ready build RC car included: – RC car body / Chassis – Electronic speed controller – 17 turn motor – Radio transmitter and servos – 4 tires – Painted body shell You don’t have to worry about assembly RC car parts and painting the body shell. All that’s left for you to do is to add your battery and you are ready to lay down on the track. After experiencing good in handling and maintained of RTR RC cars, you are now ready go to a step further.

Option 2. Electric RC car pro kit

This option are design for racer. Feature of this kit is only RC car body ( chassis ) and you will need to assemble all of single parts of this body . Normally it’s will take about 4 to 5 hours to complete this task. To run this kit on track you have to add another parts or accessories such as: – 4 Tires ( Completed with insert + rim ) – Motor ( Brushed / Brushless ) – ESC ( Electronic speed controller ) – Battery pack. ( 6 cells ) – Battery charger – Body shell. – Radio Transmitter and servos All RC parts or accessory as listed above can be buy separately from various brand or maker around the world.

5.Convenience. In this last consideration you have to know where: – Play ground or track available at your area. – Hobby shop nearby to find your spare parts – Is this shop sell electric RC car parts which you will choose. – Is there any technical support or advised provided by this shop. – Is there have any others community run a same model or type which you choose. This will help you to improve your driving skill faster then you run alone on the track.

Article was base on author’s experience and knowledge in rc car world, would like to share his knowledge and tips. If you would like to learn and to know more, click More RC Tips

Fun With Electric RC Cars And Nitro RC Cars

In complete the world, the RC Car interest takes together a large number of supporters who have exhausted a appreciable magnitude of time gaining education in this highly best-popular and amusing hobby. RC Cars themselves bring enormous velocities which lead to many group acquiring unneurotic to race each other with their price and joy Nitro RC Car.

These are one of the champion models made from “Acme” these nitro balmy are accelerated on or off road exemplary and are large fun. Made with a choice made team eternity motor and laden with ascents and can handle unsmooth terrain and are tough exemplary that will give you work time of fun over an over.

When you first buy a nitro model, they can be slippery to apparatus and necessitate a lot of on-going care to keep them moving properly. So for new partisans, this can prove thwarting. Electric rc cars on the other hand are highly easy to setup and use. You merely charge your battery, turn it on and off you go! They do not require so much care as well. So the victor in this contest is electrical rc cars hands down!

As documented earlier, electric RC cars are simple to run. Therefore, many progenitor buy these cars for their children as toys they can play with. There are no complex processes to guarantee right business activity. The business activity of Nitro RC cars is quite complex. However, in case of Electric RC cars, all you need to do is install the artillery and your car is at the ready to go. This is very advantageous to the novices as they are purchasing the very first car kit.

Electrical remote control cars are an first-class choice if you are just acquiring began in the world of RC cars. They are atypically casual to care for, and much casual to keep than their gas battery-powered antagonistic parts. An electrical car will brand a great starter car because they are by and large less big-ticket than a nitro car, so you can take the time to pattern and clean your impulsive skills before laying down a lot of medium of exchange.

The largest vantage of a nitro car is that they are able of greater velocities. This is one of the evidence that they are best-selling with RC racers. They also offer a wide assortment of different set ups including the carburetor settings. Experimentation with acquiring the best set up is as overmuch a skill and situation to race driver as the existent driving.

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Electric RC Helicopters Clean, Quiet And Great For Beginners And Experts

Traditionally, model helicopters were powered by fuel engines, just like model airplanes, but as electric motors have increased in power and reduced in weight, they have become more popular. Electricity has many advantages, including the lower noise level, the lack of harmful emissions, and generally the cleanliness of the motors. Electric RC helicopters come in many forms. There is a model out there for almost everyone, from beginner to expert. In this article, we will discuss three variants, ranging from the sort of model you might start out with as a beginner to the elaborate scale models you might aspire to fly one day.

Simple Toys

The easiest way to get into the electric RC helicopters hobby is to get one of the toys that are intended for kids. These plastic molded models are very easy to fly and nearly indestructible. They are also typically suitable for indoor use, and are small and light enough to avoid causing anyone any real harm should they get out of control. Although these models will not satisfy the avid enthusiast for long, they are a fine introduction and can be a useful stepping stone towards more elaborate models.

Typical Models

The most common sort of electric RC helicopters is the pre-made kit. Typically, these come almost fully assembled. They simply require a final setup or perhaps some minor assembly or painting. Some of these models are quite involving to fly, so you should certainly start out with a less expensive one when first learning. Be aware that helicopters can be squirrelly, unpredictable things, and it is not expected that you will excel right away. Instead, be prepared to crash inelegantly from time to time, and make good use of the sturdiness of these models before you graduate up to our final sort of helicopter.

Scale Models

Scale model electric RC helicopters are intended to be highly accurate recreations of real helicopters. Some people buy these in kits that come in varying degrees of assembly, and some people elect to built their own from scratch. Building your own model is a major undertaking, as it takes some skill and effort to get the power-to-weight ratio adequate for good flying characteristics. Plans are available both online and in print magazines which can greatly reduce the amount of guesswork involved and increase your chances of success. In any case, you do need to have plenty of experience with the easier sorts before you take on a project like this.


It is easy to have a lot of fun with electric RC helicopters. However, you do need to know what you are doing. It is always a good idea to start with something easy to fly and relatively indestructible. Then, when you are comfortable with the level of difficulty, you can move up to the next level. Eventually, you may want to pursue building your own models, sourcing the various mechanical components from suppliers and putting together an exact replica of your favorite civilian or military helicopter. With time and patience, you are sure to enjoy yourself.

Remote Control Toy Boats – The Best Under $100

Due to the advancement of RC technology, hobbyists can buy several toy boats for lower than $100. The list below shows the best that you can possible find at this price.

18-inch RC Sundancer Boat for $29.99

This model features forward and reverse motions as well as left and right steering. It weighs 2.1 pounds and measures 20 by 8 by 7.7 inches. The package includes a controller, display stand and battery clip. It requires 2-AA batteries (not part of the package) and 1 to 6V rechargeable battery pack. This RC boat is recommended for ages 8 and above. It is not advisable for children below 3 years of age because of choking hazards.

30-inch Super Power RC Electric Racing Syma Boat for $99.99
This is a blazingly fast RC boat model with a deep-V design. It can traverse waters at blinding speeds due to its dual motors and PC twin propellers. It was engineered to be reliable, stable, smooth and fast making it a perfect choice for affordable RC boat racing stunts. It is powered by standard Sub C 7.2V rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries, similar to those used to run Tamiya cars. It has a fast turning radius and can achieve a speed of more than 25 miles per hour due to its vector-push design. It uses durable plastic material made of LEXAN Polycarbonate. It can be operated at a maximum range of 300 feet and a running time of approximately 20 to 30 minutes. It is ready to race and fully assembled so it can be used immediately after taking it out of the package. It comes with an AC adapter and rechargeable battery pack. But the remote requires eight AA batteries.
Atlantio Radio Remote Control Replica Electric RC Boat for $99.99
This ready to run electric RC boat is an exact replica of the original Atlantio. The exterior is very detailed with a vector push design and measures 25 by 7.9 inches. It comes with a charger, rechargeable batteries, pistol grip radio, 8 AA batteries and a display stand. It has a 2 channel radio control with full functions and can be operated at a maximum range of 300 feet. It is very durable because of its 100% metal actuating mechanism.
22-inch Balaenoptera Musculus Electric RC Racing Syma Boat for $89.95
This model is an electric powered RC boat that can run at fat speeds due to its PC twin propellers. Its power source is a standard Sub C 7.2V rechargeable Ni-Cd pack similar to those used for Tamiya cars. It is made of durable plastic with a vector-push design. It can run at more than 25 miles per hour and can be operated at a maximum range of 300 feet with 20 to 30 minutes of running time.

Megatech Water Elite RC Speed Boat at $64.99
This RC boat model weighs 17.6 oz and the hull measures 17 inches. It is electric powered and can run at a speed of 22 feet per second. It is a high speed racer that can run through the waves at blazing speeds. The package comes with a display stand, transmitter, 9v battery and charger.

Electric Rc Cars – A Growing Demand

Electric RC cars are surpassing the regular remote control cars in demand because of so many reasons. Here are some of them: are surpassing the regular remote control cars in demand because of so many reasons. Here are some of them:

1.) Electric RC cars are easy to own and maintain. The price ranges of these cars is quite wide. You can buy a cheap, low end budget RC car or the more luxurious and fully loaded cars.

2.) Since these cars do not run on fuel, they are energy-efficient. They are powered by electric batteries that are assembled into battery packs. Additionally, they emit no fumes or accumulate residue. This makes it easier to clean as well.

3.) These electric RC cars are not as noisy as the gas powered RC cars. You can race them around your house or neighborhood, and not get complaints from anyone.

4.) You have less wear and tear on the car and its parts since it is not fuel powered.

There are two basic choices when buying one of these beauties. You can get a ready-to-run kit, which is a fully assembled electric RC car. The other option is to buy a build-it-yourself kit. If you get yourself one of these, you have to make sure all the parts are included like the motor, radio, servo, receiver, and an electronic speed control.

The accessories can be bought at a later date when you have decided the look you want to have for your car.

The best places to get your electric RC car would be found on the internet. But just like all other internet transactions, it would be advisable to deal with a reputable company. Ask around from people in the know which website is most reliable. Aside from the convenience of buying online, you could actually find a better deal on the internet.

Before you make your purchase, you will have to decide if you want an off road car or not. Select a good brand for your first car because this is not the time to experiment with brands yet. That time will come when you have become a full blown enthusiast or hobbyist.

After you have made your purchase and the unit has been delivered to you, you must break in your electric RC car properly. The most recommended break in process would be to run your car standstill with just the motor and without its wheels for about 5 minutes. Then you are ready to go.

The electric RC car is a lot of fun, user friendly and convenient, especially compared to the gas powered RC car. It may not go as fast as the nitro powered remote control car because it runs on electric battery packs.

However, if you are a good driver on the road in a normal motor car, then chances are you will find ways to drive your RC car pretty fast.

Join the fan club of electric RC cars in your area. Time will surely fly because youll be having so much fun. Before you know it, youve become addicted. Enjoy!

Rc Electric Boats

Many people find it exciting to buy RC electric boats and then be able to control it, and that runs and glides through the water like a boat-size. RC boats have gained a following of fans remote control through the years. RC electric boats can be found sailing and even racing competitions through ponds, rivers, lakes and bays throughout the country. It is not always the speed with RC boats. Some collectors enjoy the simple art of designing your own dream miniature boat and taking it out for a day on the water.

How to choose the right RC electric boats for different conditions? While many RC electric boats are consumed with thoughts of power and speed of scale are more boats on the authenticity and realism – on a smaller scale; If you can master sailing, RC sailing boat can be a good beginner RC maintenance because there is generally less – no motors or engines to meet; Powerboat is the type of RC boat that appeals to beginners and is probably most of the RC boat hobby. Powered by motors or engines, there are pleasure boats and racing boats. The sport boats are fun and relatively easy to handle. And why not refer mainly to the speed they are a good option if your only body of water is a large swimming pool or small pond. Racing boats require more skill, because the ease of operation is sacrificed in order to get more speed of the boat.

How to play happy and RC electric boats right? The best way to enjoy your new RC electric boats is following all rules and regulations. This keeps everyone happy and the boat will take you much more enjoyment. There are certain places that cannot afford to float their RC electric boats. One place you do not want to use RC electric boats is located in well frequented with boats large or many people. Your boat could seriously harm a person if it is a very powerful. Or your RC electric boats can be destroyed by a Jet Ski or boat.