Make Your Clubcar Go Faster

Adding a little extra power to anything cant hurt, right? But you want to make your electric golf cart go faster all by yourself? Well well go on a trip to suped up cart heaven, and then Ill show you some videos of guys who took this thing way too far.

First off well tackle the ClubCar brand as its one of the most popular models and its simple to do.
Things Youll Need:
New/or Used Motor
Insulated Tools
Insulated Wrench
Insulated Wire Cutters
New Battery (higher voltage than what you currently have installed)
Protective gloves (preferably insulated)

1.Youll need a new or used (best if budget IS a concern to you) motor. You want to look for one that has higher RPM then the existing motor in your cart. Higher RPMs allow the engine to turn over more times in any given timeframe.
2.Next thing you want to do is check the electrical system, as you are looking for the solenoid and coil system that is closest to the passenger side of your Club Car golf cart.
3.Now this is where we get down and dirty, and youll want to take up to half of the wire off. So yes cut the wire that connects the coil and solenoid together. You probably want to try taking off maybe half an inch to an inch before cutting your entire electrical cord in half.
4.Last step is to replace your current golf cart battery with your newer high voltage battery, so if you have a 12 volt battery in your cart, replacing it with a 24 volt battery will give you more power to feed your new higher RPM motor and the shorter length of solenoid cable will deliver that new charge in a much faster time.