Electric Radiators – Putting You In Control

With energy bills soaring, homeowners are being required to take measures to better control their heating and prevent money being spent on wasted energy. In order to maximise efficiency, experts regularly recommend three things: insulation, draught exclusion, and heating control the latter is something that electric radiators do better that any other heating solution.

Room-by-room temperature

A lot of heat in the home is wasted by radiators being switched on despite no one being present in the room. With gas central heating systems, while most radiators come with individual temperature controls, you can only ever have them switched on at a certain setting (exact temperature is not provided) or off completely. Whats more, one radiator (typically the one closet to the master thermostat) must be left permanently on so that water can always circulate.

With electric radiators supplied by the Electric Heating Company (EHC), each one comes with three output options and its own individual controls that can be switched on and off as required and set to the desired temperature at the touch of a button. Even more impressive is the TDI controller, which allows users to set a specific temperature setting based on their needs. These settings comfort, economy (set back) and frost ensure every room can be warmed as required. Like a thermostat, TDI control panels also come with an automatic mode, which allows the radiator to switch on automatically at a set time and temperature.

Flexible Heating

While individual temperature settings are perhaps the biggest benefit of electric radiators, these products also put you in control in a different way. The products available from EHC are flexible by design. Because these are electric, they can be placed anywhere in a room and (provided they are not hard-wired) can be moved around a property as needed. If you require heating for a loft or conservatory, this level of flexibility is essential.

Products such as vertical radiators that are specifically designed for rooms with limited space allow heating in rooms that would otherwise be without it and accessories such as castors which can be fitted to any radiator allow heat wherever there is a plug socket available. The outstanding level of flexibility is also extended to the EHC range of electric boilers like the Slim Jim, which is designed for dwellings with a lack of space or gas supply and features a five output options and a 30C-80C temperature range.

EHC is a leading electric heating supplier based in Blantyre, Scotland. The company specialises in the sale and installation of electric radiators and electric boilers.