Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Buy An Electric Tooth Brush

Stopping any passerby on the streets and asked them which was better for your teeth, the electric toothbrush or the ancient manual tooth brush, they?d probably guess electric. And if you ask more, they will probably tell you if they would give both a try or not. Why?Well, because we?re conditioned to think the most expensive option is always the best. And always the healthiest. Also the media tells us that electric tooth brushes are recommended by doctors all over., and the question remains, which is better?In my personal opinion, manual toothbrushes are far better than electric,. I can assuredly say this because I have used both. I was using a manual tooth brush since I was a child, right until I hit 25, I started using an electric tooth brush when I heard about it on the TV, which I used until I was 30.

I?ve never been a devoted toothbrusher, I just brush like any regular person would. But within a year I started to see my teeth yellowing using the electric tooth brush. I also noticed they just didn?t seem as fresh, I wondered to myself whether am I doing it wrong or not, but no matter how long I brushed my teeth for, the results remains the same, my teeth are still turning yellow.

Then a year ago, I decided to go back to my manual tooth brush and I was instantly stunned by the contrast. I vowed to myself that I will never go back to electric toothbrush again. No matter what everyone say, my teeth are now just more cleaner after brushing the old-fashioned way. And with cleaner teeth it just means that my dental visits will be far less uncomfortable. And that’s a really big plus!

So with my rant out of the way, here are the prime 5 reasons to why Manual Toothbrushes are superior to Electric.

Most electric toothbrushes are inadequate or unable to clean the tongue during brushing.

Especially the kind with the circular head. Brushing the tongue is really imperative for keeping your teeth clean and removing bacteria from your mouth, where most of bacteria are located in your mouth. With a manual tooth brush I can swiftly and effectively clean my tongue. You can also clean the inside of your cheeks as an added bonus. Although I must concur, some electric brushes do come with tongue cleaners – but that’s just extra work, because you need to unattach the power brush head and reattach the tongue cleaner head. I really don’t want to waste any more time brushing!

Electric toothbrushes just spin the plague around

Brushing manually tends to move the gunk onto the brush ? electric toothbrushes are often so packed that they aren?t flexible enough for the gunk to get into. Instead they just swirl it around in your mouth, completely defeating the purpose of brushing your teeth. To test this, eat a bagel with cream cheese or what ever filling that you like. Brush with the electric toothbrush as you typically would. When finished, carefully scrape your fingernail down the front and see if are any of the grime left from eating the bagel. If not, your electric brush is probably one of the better models. If you still have bagel left on your teeth, repeat the test with a manual brush and you?ll probably want to toss that electric out.

Manual toothbrushes are more flexible

You just can?t angle an electric the way you could a manual toothbrush. Manual toothbrushes have been so much improved over the years, they are now endless varieties of manual tooth brushes. With electric toothbrushes you can?t bend it and get the bristles between those annoying back teeth. The bristles on the circular electric toothbrushes are close fitting and compact and pretty much move as an unit. The inner bristles will never reach your teeth, that?s how inflexible they are. How can you expect to clean hard to reach places with one of those?

Electric toothbrushes are a pain to travel with

I can’t even remember the amount of times I thought mine was charged when I left, and then had to hunt down a manual in the hotel drugstore because charge on it was gone and I left the charger home. Manual toothbrushes you just pop in a case, shove in your bag and use when you feel like it. Basically set it and forget it. When I take it out of my bag I know it will be ready for use. Electric toothbrushes are really unpredictable and awful if consistancy is your main concern, sometimes even when you do charge it, it will lose it charge during the course of the travel. Very troublesome!

Manual toothbrushes come in a bigger variety.

You can get super soft and super small in manual ? you will have a hard time finding either in electric, those usually only come in one variety, the circular ones or the dual head ones with a brush on the bottom. Oh, you can get the Disney kind, and look like a complete loser when you?re traveling too, just because God gave you a tiny mouth. But hey, you get over the awkward situation over time. Or you could just learn to hide the stupid thing from jugding eyes.

So here are the top 5 reasons to why a manual tooth brush is better than an electric tooth brush. If you think your electric toothbrush is leaving you minty fresh, I suggest you try brushing manual for one day and see if you notice a difference -you might be surprised.

How Energy Efficient Are Electric Heaters And How Much Does It Cost To Run

Two things we Im ask as distributor of electric heaters, “how efficient is electric heat”… and how much is it going to cost to run this heater. Both really good question, because, utilities prices are going up and were are looking to save a buck, and if we have to spend a dollar we want to know how much its going to cost.. The first question has been brought about by the oil and gas manufactures of boilers and furnaces promoting higher efficiency equipment in their radio and TV adds so is a more then fair question..

When it comes to efficiencies of a heating system what that means is that energy created at the sources and the amount that can be actually used to heat your home.. Electric Heat is 100% energy efficient in the sense that all the incoming electric energy is converted to heat. All resistive heaters do exactly the same thing with the electric energy they use: convert it all to heat. They only differ in how they distribute it into the house.

There are three forms of heat, radiant, convective and conductive. They are absolutely equivalent because, regardless of its form, heat is always measured in calories (metric), or BTU’s (English). Electric space heaters can be radiant, or convective, or some combination of both. Regardless of type, the amount of heat generated is always exactly proportional to the amount of electrical power the device consumes. All electrical heaters are exactly 100% efficient. They all provide exactly the same number of calories for a given quantity of electrical energy. The only difference between various spaces heaters is the form of heat they produce. Remember, temperature is NOT a measure of heat; it’s a measure of kinetic energy. Your subjective experience (warmer-colder) has no bearing whatsoever on the efficiency of the various types of space heaters. It is comforting to know that you’ll always get (calories) exactly what you pay for (kilowatt-hours) with an electric heater.

The second question is not so easy to answer; the reason being your electric heating bill is based on what you pay for electricity in your area. I have seen electric bills range from 3 cents a kilowatt up to 22 cents a kilowatt. So if you are living in an area that pays 3 cents your heating bill is going to be a lot less the person paying 22 cents per Kw. So sorry there is just no a true answer on how much electric heat is going to cost.

The Electric Blanket For The High Tech Age

Not like the ones belonging to your grandmother, the new styles of electric blanket have really changed to enhance your sleeping comfort. New electric blankets now come with heat sensors that turn the blanket on and off to keep a desired temperature in the bed while you sleep. No longer just a matter of setting the temperature and plugging it in, these blankets are designed to keep your sleep as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Timers and warm-up options are available on many models that will actually pre-heat the bed for you based on the time that you indicate they should begin warming. Gone are the days that you have to get into an icy bed, rather you will be able to slip between warm and cozy sheets.

In the past electric blankets have been on constantly, and may have given concern as to the amount of energy they were using. The new models now cycle on and off, and therefore are much less costly to operate and more energy efficient. Several reports indicate that an electric blanket may, in fact, save money on energy bills overall since the overall air temperature can be kept lower while you sleep. If you are concerned about the wired control setting, consider going wireless with a remote temperature control blanket. The small controlled unit can be kept in easy reach to simply adjust temperatures up or down as needed. Many of these blankets also offer automatic temperature adjustment as well.

For watching TV or reading an electric throw is a terrific option. Smaller than a full sized electric blanket they still offer all the features of a full sized blanket, including an automatic shut off and multiple temperature settings.

There is also a new micro-fleece low voltage electric blanket on the market that is ideal for keeping warm without any bulk. This ultra thin electric blanket comes with a converter that changes the standard 120V power into an ultra safe 25 volts. The blanket itself never becomes hot to the touch; rather it provides a consistent warmth. The micro-fleece works to distribute the heat evenly so there are no cold or hot spots on the blanket.

Modern electric blankets are both safe and energy efficient. It is important to keep the blankets in good repair, and to follow manufactures care information. The automatic shut offs and multiple temperature setting prevents the old problems of overheating with electric blankets. All types of fabrics and colors are used to make electric blankets, so finding a match for your bedroom or home is not difficult. Try treating yourself to an electric blanket for a warm and comfortable sleep.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter – Could a Razor E100 Electric Scooter Be The Right Electric Scooter For

If you have been looking for a perfect gift for your child, check out the Razor E100 electric scooter. If your child has already tried some other electric vehicles, he will absolutely love it. The Razor E100 has incredible features that allow your child to participate in competitions but also just drive around your town or his home.

If you get the Razor E100 as a gift to your child, you clearly demonstrate your trust to your child and allowing him some personal space. The Razor E100 electric scooter gives your teens and pre-teens kids sense of a freedom. The scooter has many safety measures, but will still give the child experience of complete control over their decisions.

Regarding the safety measures that this toy can provide, if you simply cannot stop worrying every time your child is going to the park or to meet with some friends on the Razor E100, then it would be a good idea to purchase some extra accessories with the scooter, like a safety helmet or kneepads or elbow protectors. Along with gaining more freedom, your child should be informed about general rules of riding and traffic.

This is a good gift to give to a child that spends too much time indoors playing video games or watching TV. The Razor E100 can also reach a relative high speed, making it very attractive. Because children at that age usually get bored pretty fast, you should try picking new locations for him to ride his scooter. However, you should be careful that you choose a flat surface, otherwise your Razor Electric Scooter will run out of batteries pretty fast.

With proper use, the Razor E100 should last nearly an hour of going on uphill and downhill paths. The front wheel is large and that makes it easier to ride through rougher terrain. In addition, it is sturdy and solid, has enough room for both his feet and, although it can reach a relative high speed to be fun, it is not a dangerous speed.

Designed for both boys and girls, the Razor E100 is a perfect gift to give your child and a fun way to prepare him for the bike that he will have later on.

As one of your best Christmas gifts ideas, the Razor E100 is currently available at a pretty large discount. Discover more information here:

Electric Fireplace Media Centers A Perfect Combination Of Form And Function

Families spend a good deal of their time together in their living room, family room, or den. Much of that time is spent watching TV or DVDs, listening to music, playing video or board games, or just spending quality time together. With the family gathered together like this, the opportunity presents itself to better the ambiance of the common room while adding supplemental heating to lower energy costs. Electric fireplaces can be purchased as part of a combination unit with specially designed media cabinets. These units offer the family the ambiance of a real fireplace with the practical benefit of zone heating to lower energy costs.

Zone heating works by directly using heaters in the rooms that are most commonly occupied, so the thermostat for the rest of the house may be turned down. By utilizing a combination electric fireplace and media center, the family room stays warm while the rest of the house does not run up the energy bill. Portable and freestanding space heaters have been used to achieve this effect, but they come with drawbacks.

Today’s electric fireplaces are extremely realistic and include many of the traditional aspects of a wood burning hearth area including glowing embers, pulsating flames, working pull screens and glass doors. Dimplex created a great deal of the original technology and continues to provide extremely realistic flame and log effects within their fireplaces. The combinations of these fireboxes with furniture quality media cabinets have become very popular for use with today’s flat screen TVs and related components.

Easy Installation And Effective Zone Heating

Electric fireplaces require very little installation. There is no need for provisions for venting or a chimney as these units do not produce any type of emissions including carbon monoxide hazards. Each firebox is cool to the touch, is safe for children and pets as well as TV’s and components. These features allow these units to be seamlessly integrated into rooms without added space or expense dedicated to clearances and venting. Heat is safely distributed through quiet fan forced air. The surrounding media cabinet or mantel piece is safe to store TVs, stereo components, DVDs and other objects.

Electric fireplaces are also designed to be efficient zone heating units. They are capable of generating 4700 BTUs per hour to provide supplemental heat for rooms up to 20 foot by 20 foot. All of this generated heat can be run for a lower cost per unit than most central heating systems. It is cost effective to practice zone heating than trying to upgrade an aging central heating system; especially since today’s electric heaters are already at the forefront of energy efficiency.

Finally, these electric fireplace media units can be moved and rearranged just like any other piece of furniture in the home. They can go wherever there is an electrical outlet. The units are also engineered with fully functional remote controls and pre-drilled wire management channels. The heat source provided by these units delivers an effective supplemental zone heating for any room in the home.

Designed For Home Decor

The real engineering beauty comes from the thoughtful design and look of these heating units. Almost every decorating style is represented from traditional to contemporary. Homeowners can choose from a variety of finishes including black lacquer, warm wood tones, and distressed finishes. Media mantel packages are available in vertical entertainment units, open wall and corner models. Many include cabinet doors to hide components, DVDs etc.

The fireplace’s flame effect is where today’s technology really shines. A Dimplex electric fireplace simulates a wood fire with such precision, that most people will not notice the difference at first glance. The warm ambiance of a fireplace is achieved without the hazards and hassle of burning wood. Dimplex electric fireplaces utilize the latest in three dimensional image technologies to create an instant fireplace effect that can be easily placed in any room, apartment, condo, or home.

Other designs exist for achieving comfortable warmth. Electric log inserts can be placed in an existing fireplace or firebox and plugged into any outlet. Eliminate the mess and inefficiency of a gas or wood fire without sacrificing the aesthetic benefits of a fireplace. It also makes converting from inefficient heating types to electric heating very easy.

Media centers can often dominate a smaller room or apartment or even seem out of place in a formal dining room. By combining an electric fireplace with the piece of furniture, smaller floor plans will not appear so cramped, while the simulated flame will add a cozy, elegant touch to any room.

Zone heating technology continues to offer homeowners efficient supplemental heating options to help keep utility costs down. With the latest design engineering available, space can be utilized more efficiently by combining electric fireplaces with a media center.