Why Many People Prefer Using Electric Dripless Candles Instead Of The Regular Ones

Though some models are close to perfection, candles real cannot be 100% dripless, the normal percentage of burning efficiency is 99% for bees wax and bayberry wax and 95% for soy wax candles. The only completely dripless candles are the so-called flameless, which have a different working principle as they rely on batteries for operation. Many people prefer using electric dripless candles instead of the regular ones, mainly for safety reasons: they are never blown off by the wind, there is no child risk and they are totally smoke free. The materials that dripless candles are made of are completely ecological and healthy, meeting the safety conditions even the most pretentious user would expect.

People who suffer from asthma and smoke allergies are usually delighted to try dripless candles since they benefit not only from a clean atmosphere, but there is nothing to clean after the use of dripless candles as such. Though the general opinion may be that dripless candles are made of plastic, you could not be more in the wrong about such products: usually they are made of pure natural wax combined with various flavors. The light is created by a led that is easily activated by a hand movement, due to the incorporated motion sensor that turns it on or off.

The working principle behind dripless candles is that the wax used as a primary material is not consumed in the light giving process, it doesn’t even melt. The led gives enough heat so as to allow the sensitive volatile substances incorporated in the wax to evaporate and spread in the room, creating a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. Among the favorite ambient enhancers we could mention orange and lavender, with great soothing properties for the nervous system. In a nutshell, dripless candles are not only very clean but they are also advantageous to use.

The purchase costs may be a little higher for dripless candles, but at least they have the advantage of an extended burning interval; the best performances rise up to one hundred fifty hours of burning, which is a lot more than the life of regular candles. As for model variations, dripless candles are now made like all the others, with almost no differences whatsoever; even the softness flickering light effect is perfectly recreated by means of batteries; therefore, you’ll have nothing to be sorry for when you come to benefit from the advantages of dripless candles.

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