The Difference Between A Cheap Electric Shaver And A Good Quality Electric Shaver

The difference between a cheap electric shaver and a good quality electric shaver is a conundrum for many men. In fact shaving on the whole can be quite a conundrum, most men want a close shave and as only 25% of men make use of electric shavers, this goes to show that they are unsure this product is able to give a close shave.

There are so many different kinds of electric shavers available that it becomes confusing to know which to buy. Some models cost as little as $25, while others are right up in the price range of a monthly car repayment. Most shavers have their own benefits and it is really up to the individuals budget and preference when it comes to choosing one.

Electric shavers are not easy gifts to give either as they are so personal, much like a putter or golf clubs. The person who has to use them must feel that they are comfortable on their face and in their hands.

A self cleaning electric shaver is a great help, otherwise it has to be cleaned manually every couple of shaves. One that rinses off is far more practical, so this is a good pointer. No-one really wants to pay as much as a car payment for an electric shaver either, so it must be affordable.

They should feature a trimmer, this is used for mustaches and sideburns. A head replacement indicator is also a good feature, but what else do we need to look out for? The environment of course! So they should be rechargeable, or feature environmentally friendly batteries.

With the world being such a small place these days, traveling is so much simpler. The traveler is going to want to take their favorite electric shaver with them so, they must be compatible with voltage world-wide.

The list of features you need adds up quickly, and obviously the more features a shaver has, the more expensive it is going to be. Perhaps this indicates that a good quality electric shaver is a better prospect than a cheaper one might be.

What about the variety which comes with a power comb? This is a special feature which raises the hairs in hard to shave areas. These hairs lay flat against the skin and are easily missed by many of the cheaper shavers. A head which adapts to the contours of the face is also good to have, and how about the type that you simply pop back into its base, it cleans automatically and recharges at the same time? This sounds great, and it has its own cleaning solution cartridge which can be replaced.