With Electric Smokers Enhance The Texture and Flavor for Your Culinary Pleasure

Cook your food without losing nutrients from your food items! Now days, people are very fond of having parties at home, rather hiring any catering service, they are more happy preparing at home. This way you can serve the fresh and hot smoked food to your friends. This shows that you are a good host. Smoking food is the best way to cook your food without killing nutrients. It is the process of cooking food items at the low heat without putting your food item directly on the fire. Characteristics of the flavored woods

Wood plays very vital role in making your smoking food scrumptious and delicious. With the electric barbecue smokers, smoking food has become an easy task to do. Smoke pistol is required to get the smoky flavor to your food item. These electric smoker generators come with the different wood cartridge which adds and enhance the flavor of your food item. Apple, cherry, hickory, mesquite, oak, pecan, maple, alder, and black walnut are the flavors which enhances your food item.

Apple wood cartridge is slightly sweet and denser fruity smoke flavor which is best used with beef, poultry, game birds, ham. Cherry wood cartridge is sweet fruity smoke flavor which is good to go with all meats. Hickory wood cartridge is pungent, smoky, bacon-like flavor and the most common wood, best used with pork, and ribs. Mesquite wood cartridge is strong earthy flavor, best to go with most meats especially beef and most vegetables. Oak wood cartridge is heavy smoke flavor which is best used with red meat, pork, fish, and heavy game. Pecan wood cartridge is similar to hickory flavor, best used with pork, fish meat. Maple wood cartridge is mildly smoky somewhat sweet flavor, best to used with meat, cheese, and vegetable. Alder wood cartridge is very delicate with a hint of sweetness which is best used with fish, pork, poultry, and light-meat game birds. Black walnut wood cartridge is heavy smoke flavor usually mixed with the lighter woods like pecan and apple flavor, best to use with red meat and game.

People often ask to the connoisseur that how to cold smoke the cheese at home? These kind of delicate food stuffs are prepared slowly on the smoker to get the smoky flavor. This process doesn’t cook your food but gives your food smoky flavor. The best and the easiest way to smoke your food items are with smoke pistol. It makes a constant supply of cool smoke that is ideal for the cold smoking.

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